About Me - Jen Miles

About Me

Thank you for visiting!

If you are looking for a fun, warm and friendly photographer with good vibes...you have found your girl!

My approach is super chill and casual. Although I am a very hands-on, directive photographer, I also love to just let the scene unfold and take us where it wants to go.

Those are the incredible moments...

I am one lucky, grateful woman. I can't wait to work together  and create away!  




I’m a pretty chill photographer. Know why? Because you get the best pictures being chill. My motto these days: Just roll with it...especially on shoots! 

I love working with people. It energizes me! Unless you’re mean. Then I don’t so much loooooove it per se.

I heart movies; especially now that I never get to see them. Ever. I’d definitely go it alone no prob.

I LOVE stand up comedy. Brian Regan is my comedian crush. Although I do love a little Dane Cook.

I don’t get offended easily.

I typically root for the underdog. Can’t help it.

I think that children’s clothes are meant to be stained and eventually ruined. Oh yeah, and wedding dresses. Get em’ dirty.

I think that being a hot-mama-mess, minus the hot, divide the daily toddler snot, multiple by 46 jelly beans, divide by 500 "mama what doin?" questions, and a serious coffee spill equals my mama-destiny.

Loves of my life: I have two. My two baby boys, a one-and-a-half year old lovey, dare-devil maniac, and a lady killer, sassy-pants three-year-old with the biggest eyes ever. I’ve never loved anyone more deeply.

A serious quirk: I love to drink coffee in the shower. Ok and eat cereal. I know...it’s been said...it’s gross (hangs head in shame), but it happens and it most likely won't stop. Lol!

My favorite quote: “Mommy, I lub you sooooooooooooooo much” coupled with random hug. Please note: Three year old sometimes employs said quote--and succeeds--when used to get out of trouble.

Current Addictions: Coffee, candy, trinkets, fries, Hulu and more coffee.

Things I consider doing throughout the day but usually don’t: 1) Work out. In my mind I’m a fitness instructor (please note I DO NOT look like one). 2) Ponder hunting down a donut. Let us be real. This one happens. 3) Buying a new pair of jeans; but all jeans do is give you muffin top-age so that plan gets aborted immediately. 4) Starting potty-training (not for myself, but for my three year old who looks like five year old and poops like one too). 5) And, blah blah and blah.

Current dislikes: Texting. I hate it, BUT I’ll do it...pause, pause...if I have to. Soggy cereal and bread (gag gag gag). Olives are dumb and they smell weird. They're just wrong. People who WILL NOT let you merge. Why the madness?!!!!

I’m really outgoing. But the actual truth is I’m pretty shy. People never believe me about this.

I once tried modeling but decided I like to eat too much.

I went to acting school for one year but decided that I absolutely HATE auditioning. The end.

I LOVE working with models and actors though. It's really fun and creative.

I LOVE being behind the camera. NOT in front of it.

Things that piss me off immediately: A level five scare. Anything  or anyone that makes me jump the hell out of my clothes scare. And not in a sexy way. More like a...I’m gonna jack-you-up-serial-killer-clown-style kind of way. No no no. You. Didn’t. Oh yes. Also: Hatred. Intolerance. Racism. So lame. 

LOVE the pics in-between the poses. That's where the emotion lives. My favorite. Awe.

What I bring with me to my shoots...LOTS of patience, good vibes, and laughs of course. Gotta bring some LOVE  for the shoot and its' people. I'm here to see that split second shot and I'll get it.

I'm so grateful for my life. Thank you for making it even better!

I can't wait to work together!